A Voice in the Wilderness (2017- ongoing)

“A Voice in the Wilderness” is a photography project about the biggest illegal dumping case in Japan, the Teshima incident. 

Kagawa prefectural Teshima is an island floating in the Seto Inland Sea. A huge volume of industrial wastes (mainly automotive shredder residues) had been illegally dumped between 1975 and 1980s in Teshima. The beautiful beach was filled with garbage from unauthorized dumping, which was buried in the sand or piled up in heaps and burnt, causing black smoke to rise here and there. After a long legal battle, the issue was finally settled and the cleaning of the island started in 2000, and about 918,000 tons of industrial waste had been transferred to nearby Naoshima Island for intermediate processing since then. The transport was completed in March 2017, followed by the completion of intermediate processing in June 2017. 

Based on this background, the project consists of two elements. One is photographs of the incident spots I have taken after July 2017. The other is archival photographs the island residents have taken in 1980-2000s. I am a generation who does not know the incident directly. Teshima is now well known for “Island of Arts” as long as Naoshima, which floats next to Teshima. The Teshima incident is fading with time. Therefore, I am trying to show what has happened along with the economic growth, in this beautiful island of Japan.


『A Voice in the Wilderness』は、瀬戸内海に浮かぶ豊島で起こった産業廃棄物の不法投棄事件の軌跡を辿るプロジェクトです。




"Smoke Investigation" - an introduction part of the project "A Voice in the Wilderness"

Based on the fact that the black smoke could be seen even from the Kagawa Prefectural office in Takamatsu in early 1980s, I’ve put black smokes on the landscapes taken in 2017.