Almost Transparent Island (2019.06 launch)

The book launch will be in June from 8th to 23rd at Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo.

- Fully handmade artist edition of 44 copies
- 150 pages / H245mm x W195mm

- Shortlisted in Book Dummy Award 2018 by La Fábrica and Photo London.
- Shortlisted in Kassel Dummy Award 2019.

Mr. Kiyosumi-Shirakawa Guide with a Blue Flag (2018)

Place of publication: Tokyo, Japan
Dimensions: 12.8 x 18.2 cm
Binding: Pad by hand (Blue, Gray, and Blue Gray)

A photo zine made for the exhibition at The Share Hotel LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi in Japan.

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JAPAN-GO-ROUND 2013-2017 (2017)

Place of publication: Tokyo, Japan
Dimensions: 18.2 x 18.2 cm
Pages: 32
Editions: 25

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GREENROAD (2016- dummy)

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Place of publication: Tokyo, Japan
Dimensions: 20.0 x 28.0 cm
Pages: 84
Editions: *dummy
Type of printing: laser
Self-published (self-printing and hand-binding)



*Fotobookfestival Kassel Dummy Award 2017, shortlist



*Indian Photo Festival 2017

The Pacific Tourist (2016)

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Place of publication: Tokyo, Japan
Dimensions: 14.0 x 18.5 cm
Pages: 100
Editions: 50
Type of printing: laser
Self-published (self-printing and hand-binding)

Concept, storyline, and art direction by Yumi Goto
In collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold 2016


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The book "The Pacific Tourist." is made to mislead the time and place of a landscape photography project.

The project is about Japanese two small islands next to each other. One is called Nozaki Island, nearly uninhabited island sinceall the residents have moved out live with the capitalism in 1990s. The other is Ojika Island, where about 2,800 people still co-exists with nature and maintains self-sufficiency and barter. The two islands are where I've found a different kind of “good life”. It is the richness not regarding money or efficiency in its untouched nature and the unchanged manner of living with it for years.

The idea of misleading is based on the uniqueness of Japanese thinking patterns. Japanese people have the subconscious to try to find the real culture form foreign countries, not in Japan. This is closely related to the origin of the Japanese ethnicity, because Japan is a so remote and small nation of numerous islands that we tend to think there must be getter culture somewhere overseas. As for me, it had been the United States for a long time. Any culture from the States seemed to be very cool to me and I'd been longing to it since I was little. However, after I’ve been to Nozakiand and Ojika islands, I came to think what we should learn is perhaps not in the States anymore. It is in Japan itself instead, where simple living with nature still remains.

This photobook represents Nozaki and Ojika Islands as "foreign country" where we should go and find the better culture in this mature modern society.



*Self Publish Riga dummy contest 2016, shortlist



*Photobook Bristol Dummy and First Book Table

*Steidl Book Award: Asia Open Call Exhibition

*First/Dummy Book Table at the second edition of Gazebook

*On the Shelf Exhibition at Filter Photo Festival 2016

*Photobook Market at Encontros da Imagem 2016

*INFOCUS Photo Books Exhibition 2016





*50 editions
*56 pages
*Self-printing and binding
*Art direction and editorial coordination by Jan Rosseel, Yumi Goto



*2014 International Photography Award, Honorable Mention (Book)

*The Photobook Market, Encontros da Imagem, winner



*The Photobook Market, Encontros da Imagem

*The Photobook Show, Athens Photo Festival 2015

*THEBOOKSHOW the 3rd edition

*La Fototeca's Photo Book Exhibition

*BIND at Travel Photo Jaipur



*Darwin Magazine

*Read the article on phosmag


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