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Tourists (2015- ongoing)

A variety of scenery with tourists enjoying tourists' attractions which are specific to each local area in Japan.

Hell Valley (2016)

This series is the present landscape of Owakudani in Kanagawa Prefecture. This area was known as Jigokudani (Hell Valley) up until the Edo Period, and this characteristics scenery has now turned it into one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan. Boiling steam comes up from the mountain to create an atmosphere that looks like hell, but there have been workers here everyday to create Onsen (hot spring water), which is a synonym for heaven to Japanese people.

Because the stones were there (2016)

When I visited Izumiyama Ceramic Stone Field in Arita, Saga Prefecture, I felt “nature is the source of everything.” Its breathtaking landscape told me that a small porcelain we use casually is even a piece of the majestic nature.

In 1616, Japan’s first porcelain was fired in Arita, because pottery stones had found here in Izumiyama. Since then Arita has molded an important history of the Japanese craftsmanship. I am introducing the remarkable landscape which is the origin of its history.