The Pacific Tourist (2015)

 “The Pacific Tourist.” is a series of landscape unexpected for Japan, although all photography has been taken in Japanese two small islands, Nozaki Island and Ojika Island, where I've found a different kind of luxury. Belonged to Goto Archipelago, the two are located next to each other on the western sea of Japan. 

Since the villages have disappeared with the wind of capitalism, Nozaki is almost untouched by now. Without being affected by the flow of the world, Ojika with the population of 2,800 co-exists with nature and maintains self-sufficiency and barter. When I visited these two islands for the first time in the summer of 2013, I felt as if I were in a foreign country. Never-before-seen landscape, words never heard. Above all, the way of daily life in Ojika was totally different from what I unconsciously defined as the Japanese life. There, I learned the richness not regarding money or convenience. No matter how society is growing, we should not forget this richness. The landscape of Nozaki and Ojika reminds me of it.

 I revisited the islands to take photography in September, 2015.  In the near future, the churches of Goto Archipelago might be registered in the World Heritage Site, which makes large number of people visits these two islands. This might greatly change the current landscape.  Even if it becomes the world heritage or not, I hope people to visit a small "foreign country"  to learn the richness invisible in the modern society, rather than just go to see the sight of the church.


"The Pacific Tourist."は、私にとってはまるで外国のようだった、長崎県五島列島の野崎島と小値賀島の風景をまとめた作品です。